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    144600 - Early Bird Swim

    Start your day with an invigorating swim! Enjoy supervised lap swimming with lanes designated for slow, medium and fast swimmers.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Early Bird SwimEast HS144600-01 6:30A- 7:30AM, W, F09/05/18- 12/21/18$80/$95Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    144650 - Lap Swim

    Supervised lap swimming for all ability levels. Improve your fitness, increase your endurance, or train for competition. Kickboards and pull buoys will be available to use during your workout.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Lap SwimEast HS144650-01 6:00P- 7:00PM, W09/10/18- 12/12/18$60/$75Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    144700 - Wet Workout

    Water exercise for all ages (13 years +). Enjoy this shallow water exercise program that improves cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, coordination and overall body strength. This is a low-impact activity; reap the benefits of the water without the strain on your joints. No swim skills needed.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Wet Workout MLongfellow MS144700-01 8:00P- 9:00PM09/10/18- 12/10/18$35/$50Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Wet Workout TLongfellow MS144700-02 7:15P- 8:15PTu09/11/18- 12/11/18$35/$50Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Wet Workout WLongfellow MS144700-03 8:00P- 9:00PW09/12/18- 12/12/18$35/$50Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Wet Workout FlexLongfellow MS144700-04 7:15P- 9:00PM-W09/10/18- 12/12/18$70/$85Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146060 - Foods That Fight Cancer

    Certain diet patterns have been show to increase cancer risk while a plant based diet can decrease inflammation in the body, have a major effect in preventing cancer from developing and can help cancer survivors to live longer, healthier lives. This 4-week series will dive into a different cancer topic weekly and discuss the dangerous effects animal products have on the body. Each week we demo and eat three plant based recipes. Classes can be taken as a series (with price break) or individually. All classes are taught by breast cancer survivor and Food for Life Instructor, Amberlea Childs.

    This class will focus on the Introduction to How Foods Fight Cancer

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Intro Foods Fight CaEast HS146060-01 6:00P- 8:00PTu09/11/18- 09/11/18$35Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Low-Fat High Fiber FEast HS146060-02 6:00P- 8:00PTu09/18/18- 09/18/18$35Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Dairy and Meat AlterEast HS146060-03 6:00P- 8:00PTu09/25/18- 09/25/18$35Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Healthy Weight ContrEast HS146060-04 6:00P- 8:00PTu10/02/18- 10/02/18$35Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146061 - Comfort Food Goes Vegan!

    We all have food cravings, especially when itís seasonal or cold out. Maybe youíre a little reminiscent of family meals past. Either way, this class will give you the tools to create three masterful comfort food dishes. Learn how to turn traditional favorites into healthy and delicious plant based family favorites youíll keep making long after this class. Join Food for Life Instructor, Amberlea Childs for a demo and dinner with dishes like: Vegan Mac-n-Cheese and Veggie Pot Pie. All classes are taught by breast cancer survivor and Food for Life Instructor, Amberlea Childs.

    This class will focus on the Introduction to How Foods Fight Cancer

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Com. Food Goes VegaEast HS146061-01 6:00P- 8:00PTh09/20/18- 09/20/18$35Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146062 - Where do Veg Get Their Protein

    Discover how vegetarians can get all the protein they need. The body is designed to mix and match the nine essential amino acids you need from different plant sources. So you donít lose a thing by choosing plant protein. In fact, by eating less meat, youíre more likely to gain somethingósuch as less inflammation, better bone health, and the floaty happy feeling that comes with knowing you ate your veggies. This class will introduce high protein plant foods and demo 3 plant-based meals.
    For for Life Instructor: Cancer Survivor Amberlea Childs

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Vegetarians get ProtEast HS146062-01 6:00P- 8:00PW11/14/18- 11/14/18$35Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146065 - Homemade Veggie Burgers

    Multitudes of studies have demonstrated the remarkable health benefits of a vegetarian diet. Learn how to make a stand out delicious veggie burger. Not only are they tasty, crunchy and healthy. Class will demo and eat 3 recipes; Mushroom Pecan Veggie burger, sweet potato fries and a Mediterranean slaw. Each class will discuss the science behind why plant-based foods are best for disease prevention and optimal health.
    Food for life Instructor and Cancer Survivor: Amberlea Childs

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Homemade Veggie BurgEast HS146065-01 6:00P- 8:30PTu10/23/18- 10/23/18$35Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146070 - More Vegan Favorites

    Are you vegan? Do you know a vegan who comes to your house for a meal? Want to be vegan friendly? Come to this hands-on class and learn just how easy it is to cook vegan food using Indian spices to create food that everyone will love.

    Instructor: Susan Pack, CAP

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?More Vegan FavoritesWest HS146070-01 6:00P- 8:30PW10/03/18- 10/03/18$37Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146071 - Cook an Indian Meal

    Join us and learn how to make an easy Indian meal. You will come away with great new recipes and the self-confidence needed to recreate these at home.

    Instructor: Susan Pack, CAP

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Cook an Indian MealWest HS146071-01 6:00P- 8:30PM10/22/18- 10/22/18$37Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146072 - Paneer - Indian Cheese

    Paneer is a protein staple in Indian food. Paneer comes in different forms and can easily be purchased in any Indian grocery store. In this hands-on class, you will learn how to make your own and how to use the different types to cook up a variety of tasty dishes.

    Instructor: Susan Pack, CAP

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Paneer - Indian CheeseWest HS146072-01 6:00P- 8:30PTh11/01/18- 11/01/18$37Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146200 - Estate & Financial Planning

    Estate and Financial Planning for Peace of Mind
    Wills, Trusts, Probate, POAs, Social Security, Retirement, Long-Term Care

    Everyone, regardless of age or wealth, can benefit from having an estate plan and a financial plan. Wills, trusts, and beneficiary planning provide necessary direction and continuity for passing on your assets after death and helping your loved ones administer your estate. Equally important are during-life issues such as health care directives and durable powers of attorney, along with proper financial and retirement planning (e.g. maximizing Social Security benefits) for your long-term needs. We will discuss strategies to help you protect your assets and ease the burden on your loved ones.

    Instructors: Jess Henrickson, Financial Advisor and Dan McDermott, Attorney

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Estate & Financial PlanningWest HS146200-01 6:00P- 8:30PW10/17/18- 10/17/18$7Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146213 - Retirement Planning

    Join instructor Jared F. Thompson for a fun and informative hands-on workshop with an innovative approach to retirement planning. Based on an assessment of your lifestyle, dreams, and spending and savings habits - as well as concerns - Jared will help you create a retirement plan that you can feel confident about.

    This two-part workshop will provide tools and strategies to help you take control of your finances - overcoming debt and saving more for your retirement. Learn the basics of investing, when to take social security benefits, how to maximize your companyís retirement plan, and potentially save on overall taxes and fees. And heíll help you identify the greatest retirement risks and how to successfully prepare for them.

    Course includes an informative workbook.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Retirement PlanningWest HS146213-01 6:30P- 9:30PTh10/11/18- 10/18/18$57Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Retirement PlanningWest HS146213-02 9:00A- 12:00PSa10/06/18- 10/13/18$57Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146305 - Knitting

    No class on 10/30 and 11/6.
    This class is for the beginner and beyond. Come learn the basics of this relaxing, portable, and time honored craft or take your current skills to the next level. Beginning with the knit and purl stitch, casting on and binding off, you can work on a simple project to start, or bring your own work in progress to get help with the more intricate details of your pattern and build on your skill base. Come enjoy support and fellowship with fellow knitters as you create your own handmade treasure.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Knitting TueWhitman MS146305-01 6:00P- 8:00PTu09/25/18- 12/11/18$61Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Knitting ThurWhitman MS146305-02 6:00P- 8:00PTh09/20/18- 12/06/18$61Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Knitting WedHart Park146305-03 9:50A- 11:50AW09/26/18- 12/05/18$61Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice

    146310 - Camera Smart Phone

    Itís a camera, itís a photo album, itís a television - itís your phone. Learn about the apps, tips, tricks and limitations of iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets for pictures and video. This class will cover your smartphone or tabletís camera, home and Cloud storage options, email and messaging. Instructor: C.T. Kruger.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Camera Smart PhoneWest HS146310-01 6:30P- 8:30PW09/19/18- 09/19/18$23Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146311 - Pics Now What

    We have hundreds-if not thousands-of pictures in our cameras, smart phones and computers. Now what..? This two hour seminar teaches technique to save pictures from your cameras and smart phone to your computer, external devices and "the cloud". Class covers how to organize your pictures from any device, how to archive your pictures for the decades to come, and best printing options.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Pics Now WhatWest HS146311-01 6:30P- 8:30PW09/26/18- 09/26/18$23Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146315 - iPad/iPhone-Tips,Tricks

    This hands-on class is specific to Apple IPhone, iPad tablets and iPad Mini devices. Learn some tips, tricks, and techniques to nativgate, organize, backup and add useful apps to your iPhone, iPad or iPad mini device. Instructor: C.T. Kruger

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?iPad/iPhone-TipsWest HS146315-01 6:30P- 8:30PW09/12/18- 09/12/18$23Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146321 - Watercolor Studio Focus on Tex

    Gather with other watercolorists of all levels. If you are new to watercolor, but have previous art experience, join us. The instructor will be available for some one-on-one mentoring, short group demos, and critique. This class is a great way to schedule time to paint. There will be plenty of time for you to paint the things that interest you. Demos this session focus on ways to suggest texture in your paintings in a variety of ways. Artists should bring their own supplies and reference material. The instructor will have reference photos available from her demos. Suggested supply list will be on enrollment receipt. Students may contact instructor through her website prior to class.
    Instructor: Chris Sommerfelt,

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?W.S. Focus on TexturWest HS146321-03 7:00P- 9:00PTu09/25/18- 11/13/18$49Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146345 - Sewing for Adults

    Learn to sew and install grommets and make a reversible gift box in any theme. Add some specialty items to make it more personal; think holiday entertaining or gift boxes for Christmas, birthdays, showers, etc. The choice is yours.

    Using the "Gift Box Plus" pattern from Islander Sewing Company, you will make a Gift Box, Liner and 4 Coasters. The pattern and directions in colored step-by-step illustrations are included and yours to keep.

    Sewing machines are provided or bring your own to use.

    Instructor: Theresa Schumann, Licensed Kids Can Sew Instructor

    Supplies Needed:
    3/4 yard of woven (no knits) fabric
    3/4 yard of a contrast woven fabric
    3/4 yard of fusible fleece
    1/2 yard of Peltex (available where interfacings are sold)
    1 yard of ribbon (1/2" - 1" wide)
    Pattern and Grommets are included

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Sewing for AdultsWhitman MS146345-01 6:00P- 8:30PTu10/16/18- 10/23/18$45/$60Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146355 - Voice Overs

    In what could be the one of most enlightening 2 hours youíve ever spent, this class will show you how YOU could actually begin using your speaking voice for commercials, films, videos and more! Most people go about it the wrong way. In this class, you will learn about a unique, outside the box way to cash in on one of the most lucrative full or part-time careers out there! This is a business that you can handle on your own terms, on your own turf, in your own time, and with practically no overhead! And NOW is the best time to make this happen as new companies are looking for new voices like never before. This exciting and fun class could be the game changer youíve been looking for!

    Instructor: Such a Voice

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Voice OversWest HS146355-01 6:30P- 8:30PM10/15/18- 10/15/18$31Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146356 - Creative Writing

    In this creative writing class, participants will learn to tap into their creativity using various writing methods. All skill levels are welcome!

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Creative WritingWest HS146356-01 7:00P- 8:30PTh10/04/18- 11/15/18$49Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146357 - Fiction Writing

    Is there a novel you're yearning to write? How many times have you thought, "I'd love to write fiction...someday." Why wait another day, or month, or year? In this class 'Intro to Fiction Writing' you'll explore avenues to tap into your creativity, hone your craft with writing exercises, and learn successful fiction writing methods. You will also receive professional feedback from a bestselling author. Let's harness your muse and start writing that novel!

    Instructor: Christy Carlson

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Fiction WritingWest HS146357-01 7:00P- 8:30PW10/10/18- 11/14/18$49Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

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