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    142000 - Aquatic Club

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    No Wishlist availableIronWest HS142000-01 6:00P- 6:45PM-Th09/11/17- 02/15/18$295/$345Item DetailsFullRead Notice
    No Wishlist availableBronzeEast HS142000-02 6:50P- 7:50PM-Th09/11/17- 02/15/18$305/$355Item DetailsFullRead Notice
    No Wishlist availableSilverEast HS142000-03 6:00P- 7:15PM-Th09/11/17- 02/15/18$315/$365Item DetailsFullRead Notice
    No Wishlist availableGoldEast HS142000-04 6:00P- 7:30PM-Th09/11/17- 02/15/18$325/$375Item DetailsFullRead Notice
    No Wishlist availableJuniorWest HS142000-05 6:30P- 8:30PM-Th09/11/17- 02/15/18$340/$390Item DetailsFullRead Notice
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Junior+West HS142000-06 6:30P- 8:30PM-F09/11/17- 02/15/18$350/$400Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?SeniorWest HS142000-07 6:30P- 8:30PM-F09/11/17- 02/15/18$175/$225Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Senior+Whitman MS142000-08 6:30P- 8:30PM-F09/11/17- 02/15/18$175/$225Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    144450 - Water Safety Instructor

    The purpose of the American Red Cross water safety instructor course is to train instructor candidates to teach courses in the American Red Cross swimming and water safety program.

    Prerequisites: must be 16 years of age on or before the final scheduled lesson perform the following swimming skills
    1) swim the following strokes: front crawl 25 yards, back crawl 25 yards, breaststroke 25 yards, elementary backstroke 25 yards, sidestroke 25 yards, butterfly 15 yards
    2) maintain position on back for one minute in deep water (floating or sculling)
    3) tread water for one minute

    To be certified as a water safety instructor candidates must: attend and successfully participate in all course lessons, successfully complete the required number of practice teaching assignments, score at least 80% (correctly answer 40 of 50 questions) on the final instructor course written exam. American red cross water safety instructor's are authorized to teach American red cross learn to swim lessons.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Water Safety InstrucWest HS144450-01 4:30P- 8:00PTu, Th-Su11/02/17- 11/10/17$195/$210Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    144500 - Swim Adult

    Have you always wanted to learn how to swim but didn't know how to get started? Beginner class is designed to help you become comfortable in the water as you learn the front and back crawl strokes. Continuing class works on stroke technique (including front crawl, breast stroke, and side-stroke) to improve efficiency for fitness or competition. Continuing class swimmers should be comfortable in deep water.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Swim AdultLongfellow MS144500-B1 6:15P- 7:00PM09/25/17- 11/27/17$45/$60Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    144501 - Swim Adult Continuing

    Work on stroke technique (including front crawl, breast and sidestroke) to improve efficiency for fitness or competition. Swimmers should be comfortable in deep water.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Swim Adult ContLongfellow MS144501-C1 7:00P- 7:45PM09/25/17- 11/27/17$45/$60Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    144600 - Early Bird Swim

    Start your day with an invigorating swim! Enjoy supervised lap swimming with lanes designated for slow, medium and fast swimmers.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Early Bird SwimEast HS144600-01 6:30A- 7:30AM, W, F09/06/17- 12/20/17$80/$95Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    144650 - Lap Swim

    Supervised lap swimming for all ability levels. Improve your fitness, increase your endurance, or train for competition. Kickboards and pull buoys will be available to use during your workout.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Lap SwimEast HS144650-01 6:00P- 6:50PM, W09/11/17- 12/13/17$60/$75Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    144700 - Wet Workout

    Water exercise for all ages (13 years +). Enjoy this shallow water exercise program that improves cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, coordination and overall body strength. This is a low-impact activity; reap the benefits of the water without the strain on your joints. No swim skills needed.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Wet Workout MLongfellow MS144700-01 8:00P- 9:00PM09/11/17- 12/11/17$35/$50Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Wet Workout TLongfellow MS144700-02 7:15P- 8:15PTu09/12/17- 12/12/17$35/$50Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Wet Workout WLongfellow MS144700-03 8:00P- 9:00PW09/13/17- 12/13/17$35/$50Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Wet Workout FlexLongfellow MS144700-04 7:15P- 9:00PM-W09/11/17- 12/13/17$70/$85Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    144800 - Aqua Zumba

    This low-impact, high-energy class blends the Zumba philosophy with water resistance that challenges you and helps tone your muscles. End the day with this class and leave feeling refreshed and invigorated.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Aqua Zumba MLongfellow MS144800-01 8:00P- 9:00PM09/11/17- 12/11/17$35/$50Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146016 - Tea & Stress Reduction

    Are you interested in learning how both tea and botanicals can support you in stress reduction? Do you want to learn how you can incorporate tea & stress reduction practices into your daily or weekly routine? Come learn, taste and experience, tea & stress reduction in this interactive class!

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Tea & Stress ReductWest HS146016-01 6:30P- 8:30PTu12/05/17- 12/05/17$14Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146060 - Homemade Veggie Burgers

    Multitudes of studies have demonstrated the remarkable health benefits of a vegetarian diet. This class will demonstrate how to make a delicious veggie burger that is tasty and healthy. Class will demo and eat 3 recipes; Veggie burgers, sweet potato fries and a fresh Mediterranean slaw. We'll discuss the science behind why plant-based foods are best for disease prevention and optimal health and sharehandouts for take home. All recipes and ongoing resources will be shared as well. Food for Life Instructor: Amberlea Childs, CHW, cancer survivor.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Homemade Veg BurgersEast HS146060-01 6:00P- 8:00PTh09/07/17- 09/07/17$35Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146065 - Foods that Fight Cancer

    Certain diet patterns have a major effect in helping people prevent cancer and can help cancer survivors to live longer,and healthier lives. This class will discuss power foods and how to eat during/after treatment and to prevent cancer. This is a wonderful gift for anyone who has had cancer. Each class includes the science behind the discussion, info on certain foods and nutrients along with cooking demo of 3 plant-based nutritious recipes. Instructor: Amberlea Childs, CHW, cancer survivor.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Foods Fight CancerEast HS146065-01 6:00P- 8:30PTh11/16/17- 11/16/17$45Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146071 - Taking the Mystic Out of Ingre

    Taking the Mystic out of Indian Ingredients:

    Is the list of Indian ingredients in recipes overwhelming? If so, then, attend this hands-on cooking class and let Susan remove the mystery of cooking Indian food.

    Instructor: Susan Pack, CAP

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Taking the Mystic Out of Indian IngredientsWest HS146071-01 6:00P- 8:30PW10/04/17- 10/04/17$36Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146072 - Flavors of India, Part 2

    Flavors of India, Part 2:

    The flavors of India are unlike any other cuisine. Come and taste them in this hands-on cooking class where you Susan will teach you all new recipes.

    Instructor: Susan Pack, CAP

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Flavors of India, Part 2West HS146072-01 6:00P- 8:30PW11/01/17- 11/01/17$36Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146073 - Pressure Cooking Soups & Stews

    Pressure cooking is the process of cooking food with liquid, in a sealed vessel, known as a pressure cooker. Pressure cooking cooks food faster, it saves energy and it saves nutrients. Class will use a traditional pressure cooker and an electronic pressure cooker. Attendees will learn plant-based recipes, cooking in bulk, time saving tips and eat delicious food.
    Instructor: Amberlea Childs, CHW

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Pressure Cooking SouEast HS146073-01 6:00P- 8:30PTu10/17/17- 10/17/17$35Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146200 - Estate & Financial Planning

    Estate and Financial Planning for Peace of Mind
    Wills, Trusts, Probate, POAs, Social Security, Retirement, Long-Term Care

    Everyone, regardless of age or wealth, can benefit from having an estate plan and a financial plan. Wills, trusts, and beneficiary planning provide necessary direction and continuity for passing on your assets after death and helping your loved ones administer your estate. Equally important are during-life issues such as health care directives and durable powers of attorney, along with proper financial and retirement planning (e.g. maximizing Social Security benefits) for your long-term needs. We will discuss strategies to help you protect your assets and ease the burden on your loved ones.

    Instructors: Jess Henrickson, Financial Advisor and Dan McDermott, Attorney

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Estate & Financial PlanningWest HS146200-01 6:00P- 8:30PW10/18/17- 10/18/17$7Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
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