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    146410 - Guided Meditation

    Experience the power of group Guided Meditations as you leave the chaos of the world behind in this 4 week Basic Meditation class. Meditation has multiple benefits and is well known to naturally reduce stress and improve health and well-being.

    This class will focus on simple meditation techniques and will use guided meditations that will effortlessly walk you to a calm and peaceful place. The basis for these practices will be discussed and references for further study provided. No prior knowledge or experience necessary.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Guided MeditationWhitman MS146410-11 7:00P- 8:00PM09/11/17- 10/02/17$47/$62Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice

    146481 - Guitar Lessons

    Have you ever wanted to play guitar, or perhaps you've tried but your fingers just wouldn't cooperate? This class is for those who are new to guitar (whether or not they've played another instrument) and is intended to provide a strong technical foundation. We'll begin with a scale and simple melodies, and progress to strumming chords and songs that we'll play in class. You don't need to know how to read music. Just bring your guitar and pick, all other materials will be provided.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Guitar LessonsEast HS146481-01 6:30P- 7:15PTu10/03/17- 11/14/17$65Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146482 - Ukulele Beginning

    The ukulele is gaining enormous popularity lately because of its happy sound, convenient size and affordable price. This class will teach the basic chords and strums that will have you making beautiful music in no time.
    No previous musical experience is necessary.
    Bring a ukulele.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Ukulele BeginningLongfellow MS146482-01 6:30P- 7:15PW09/20/17- 10/25/17$42Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146483 - Ukulele Continuing

    For players who are comfortable with a few chords and would like to expand to more keys and musical genres. Come join our weekly hootenanny! Bring a ukulele.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Ukulele ContinuingLongfellow MS146483-01 7:30P- 8:15PW09/20/17- 10/25/17$42Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146508 - Detach and De Clutter

    Learn how to break your emotional attachments to the belongings that no longer serve you. Clutter coach Kathi J. Miller will guide you through a step-by-step process. Whether the items are family heirlooms, personal memorabilia, the belongings of the deceased, or anything keeping you stuck in the past, you can free yourself. This course provides the tools to release the guilt and become empowered!
    Instructor: Kathi J. Miller

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Detach and DeClutterWest HS146508-01 6:30P- 8:30PTh10/12/17- 10/12/17$19Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    146509 - Conquer Paper and Electronic

    Overflowing inbox? Piles of paper you’re afraid to toss? Wondering whether scanning documents is a good use of your time and energy? This class tackles these dilemmas and more. Learn an easy system to handle all your correspondence, physical and electronic, at home and in the workplace. Transform the chaos into order, once and for all!
    Instructor: Kathi J. Miller

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Conquer Paper & ElecWest HS146509-01 6:30P- 8:30PTh11/09/17- 11/09/17$19Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    148010 - Drama Creative

    K4-1st Grade students will be introduced to: creative dramatization, rhythmic movement to music, creative storytelling, pretend play and use of props. This is a great opportunity for youngsters to learn the basics of acting!

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    No Wishlist availableDrama Creative 9:00Longfellow MS148010-01 9:00A- 10:00ASa09/30/17- 11/18/17$46/$61Item DetailsFullRead Notice
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Drama Creative 10:00Longfellow MS148010-0210:00A- 11:00ASa09/30/17- 11/18/17$46/$61Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    148030 - Drama Beg Actor's Wkshp

    Learn stage directions, facial expressions, vocal interpretation, and auditioning. See what it takes to become a great actor or actress! (Students who complete this class will be eligible to try out for the Little Theatre's Spring Troupe in January.)

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Drama Beg Actor 9:00Longfellow MS148030-01 9:00A- 10:00ASa09/30/17- 11/18/17$46/$61Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Drama Beg Actor10:00Longfellow MS148030-0210:00A- 11:00ASa09/30/17- 11/18/17$46/$61Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    148040 - Drama Intermediate Wkshp

    Advanced study and presentation including: voice creativity, stage movement, character development, and aspects of play production.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Drama IntermediateLongfellow MS148040-0110:00A- 11:30ASa09/30/17- 11/18/17$51/$66Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    152010 - Art Spooky Crafts

    Create a creepy, crafty creature to add to your Halloween décor. Next, you won't believe the art you can create using twigs, colorful leaves and more. Bring your unique creativity and by the end of the class you'll have made a colorful leaf collage and a woodsy, woodland creature. Wear your spookiest paint shirt just in case something oozes on you!

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Art Spooky CraftsFisher Building152010-01 9:30A- 11:00AF10/27/17- 10/27/17$24/$34Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    152020 - After School /Saturday Art

    Explore, invent, experiment and CREATE using up-cycled materials and a wide variety of art media. Art Club is taught by certified art educators and designed to integrate practical skills such as: sewing, basic tool use, problem solving & math.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?AfterSchool Art ThCloud 9 Workshop152020-02 4:00P- 5:30PTh09/21/17- 10/26/17$72Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?AfterSchool Art TuCloud 9 Workshop152020-03 4:00P- 5:30PTu10/31/17- 12/12/17$72Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?AfterSchool Art ThCloud 9 Workshop152020-04 4:00P- 5:30PTh11/02/17- 12/14/17$72Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Saturday Art ClubCloud 9 Workshop152020-05 9:30A- 11:00ASa10/28/17- 12/16/17$72Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    152030 - ArTogether for Kids

    Discover and enjoy art experiences with your child in a uniquely designed art studio for both children and adults. Explore 2 themes through stories, experiments and art experiences. It’s true, things may get a bit messy but we learn best when all senses are involved! Workshops are taught by licensed and certified art educators.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?ArTogether 4 KidsCloud 9 Workshop152030-01 5:45P- 7:00PTh10/19/17- 11/30/17$84Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    152040 - Art Holiday Crafts

    Tis the season to create unique handmade ornaments & crafts using wood, paints, wintery materials and more. Create a wintery snowscape using fluffy paints and other materials mixed with your creative touches. You've never built a snowman like this before! Take off your mittens and put on your paint shirt for lots of creative fun.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Holiday Arts/CraftsLongfellow MS152040-01 9:30A- 11:00ASa12/02/17- 12/02/17$24/$34Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    152050 - Imagination Camps

    Take your imagination to new heights as you learn to act, sound, and eat like some of your favorite characters. Active play, arts and crafts and snacks are a part of each camp. Come dressed as your favorite character for the day’s theme or just as you are.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?SuperheroFisher Building152050-01 9:15A- 11:15AF10/20/17- 10/20/17$25/$35Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Jungle SafariFisher Building152050-0211:45A- 1:45PF10/20/17- 10/20/17$25/$35Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Star WarsFisher Building152050-03 9:15A- 11:15AF10/27/17- 10/27/17$25/$35Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Fairy CampFisher Building152050-0411:45A- 1:45PF10/27/17- 10/27/17$25/$35Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?PiratesLongfellow MS152050-0512:15P- 2:15PSa11/11/17- 11/11/17$25/$35Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Underwater AdventureLongfellow MS152050-0612:15P- 2:15PSa12/09/17- 12/09/17$25/$35Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    152200 - Mini Maker Workshops

    Projects include a variety of traditional art materials and up-cycled materials while incorporating practical skills such as sewing & basic tool use. Workshops are taught by licensed and certified art educators. View Workshop photos at

    Transforming T-shirts into Bags & Bracelets: Transform an everyday t-shirt into
    bracelets & a personalized bag that’s perfect for books, sports gear, hobbies and gifts.

    Spiral Bound Journals or Sketchbooks: Create a one-of-a-kind sketchbook or journal using a variety of up-cycled papers, stamps, paper punches & a spiral bound book binding machine.

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    Add/Remove from Wishlist?Transforming T-shirtCloud 9 Workshop152200-0111:15A- 12:45PSa11/04/17- 11/04/17$24Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

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